A Guide to UK’s Premier Sex Parties 2023


Sex parties in the UK have evolved from clandestine gatherings to sophisticated and curated events, drawing thousands of participants from diverse backgrounds. They’re not just about sex but also about liberation, self-expression, and exploration. In this article, we’ll delve deep into the most popular and elite sex parties that the UK has to offer, detailing what makes each unique and why they stand out.

1. Killing Kittens (KK)

The Pinnacle of Female Empowerment

Founded in 2005 by the visionary Emma Sayle, Killing Kittens stands as a symbol of women’s sexual liberation. Positioning itself as “the network for the sexual elite,” KK vets its participants rigorously, ensuring a safe environment for its members.

KK has notably bridged the physical-digital gap by hosting virtual house parties, featuring erotic dance performances and intimate Zoom calls. These virtual soirées have been monumental in quenching the desires of its extensive member base spanning cities like London, Manchester, and even Los Angeles.

Emma Sayle’s vision was clear from the outset: “Sex was so unbalanced between genders,” she observed. Addressing this imbalance, she created a haven where women hold power and initiate interactions.

2. Klub Verboten

The Alternative Nightlife Epicenter

Klub Verboten, established in 2016, transcends traditional nightlife, offering an ambiance that promotes self-expression and alternative human interactions. At its core, Klub Verboten values community safety, distancing itself from intimidating and non-consensual experiences.

Upon entering, one is instantly captivated by the sight of dance floors buzzing with attendees draped in full fetish wear. Playrooms, outfitted with dungeon apparatus and sex furniture, are frequently the highlight, but there’s an unwritten rule: respect boundaries.

3. One Night Parties

A Celebration of Femininity

With a firm belief in creating spaces exclusively for women and non-binary individuals, One Night Parties shatters the stereotypical image of play parties. It’s an inclusive space that’s free from the intimidating presence of dominant cisgender males, where attendees can comfortably explore their sexuality and form meaningful connections.

4. Crossbreed

Breaking Conventions with Every Beat – NOW CLOSED

Step into Crossbreed, and you’ll be encouraged to step out of societal norms. Conceived by the illustrious DJ and producer Kiwi (Alex Warren), Crossbreed offers a kaleidoscope of experiences. Whether you’re dancing your heart out, seeking tranquility in the wellness sanctuary, or exploring the fetish-furnished playrooms, Crossbreed ensures an unforgettable night.

5. Torture Garden (TG)

A Legacy of Unbridled Fantasy

From its inception in 1990, Torture Garden has remained unrivaled as the largest monthly fetish club globally. Its appeal lies in the extravagant theatrical performances, high-octane fashion shows, and its open doors to all gender identities and sexual orientations.

6. Skirt Club

A Sanctuary for the Sexually Curious Woman

Geneviève LeJeune’s brainchild, Skirt Club, stands as a testament to women’s sexual curiosity and exploration. Exclusive to bi-curious and bisexual women, it’s a realm where attendees can let their true selves shine without judgment.

7. Xtasia

The Long-standing Symbol of Decadence

Established in the 1980s, Xtasia boasts of being one of the UK’s oldest sex parties. Its versatility as a venue is commendable, offering everything from foam parties to Cirque du Soleil-themed events.

8. The Private Club

Birmingham’s Best-kept Secret

A new entrant must be patient to join the ranks of The Private Club. With a mandatory three-month probationary period, it ensures only the most committed members join their ranks.

Ensuring Safe Exploration

No matter the allure of these events, participants’ safety and consent remain paramount. Always communicate boundaries and ensure mutual respect. For those unfamiliar with certain terms or practices, seeking guidance is crucial.


The UK’s sex party scene is diverse, offering something for everyone. From female empowerment-centric gatherings to all-inclusive events, the spectrum is vast. Explore responsibly, communicate openly, and embark on a journey of self-discovery.

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