Amanda Holden in Atsuko Kudo Latex: Attitude Awards Highlights

Atsuko Kudo Latex Shines on Amanda Holden

Television icon and renowned presenter, Amanda Holden, chose to display an audacious Barbie-inspired look, donning an Atsuko Kudo latex ensemble at The Virgin Atlantic Attitude Awards. This esteemed event commemorates and celebrates luminaries from the LGBTQI+ community.

In recent times, Amanda has not shied away from embracing latex fashion. She was previously seen showcasing her love for the material, notably during her appearance in “Britain’s Got Talent” and her engaging segments on the Heart FM radio show, particularly dazzling in William Wilde Latex.

At the glitzy event held at The Roundhouse in the heart of Camden, London, the vivacious 52-year-old Heart FM stalwart decided on a Barbie persona. Her entrance was nothing short of theatrical, captivating shutterbugs as she stood alongside Alan Carr. Her chosen attire was a deep-cut latex dress in a tantalizing shade of pink, harmoniously paired with matching pink fingerless gloves. Elevating her ensemble was a pair of elegant pink stiletto heels and a chic pink beret, ensuring she remained the cynosure of all eyes.

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