HARRI’s SS24 Collection: A Revolution

London Fashion Week has always been a platform for designers to showcase their creativity and innovation. This year was no exception, with designer HARRI unveiling his Spring-Summer 2024 collection, a mesmerizing blend of latex and performance art.

The Genesis of HARRI’s Latex Fascination

HARRI, whose full name is Harikrishnan Keezhathil Surendran Pillai, first made waves in the fashion industry with his inflatable latex trousers. His designs caught the attention of the British Fashion Council (BFC) back in 2020, during his graduation from the London College of Fashion. This unique approach to latex fashion earned him a coveted spot in the BFC’s NEWGEN initiative.

The SS24 Collection: A Symphony of Texture and Movement

Held at the Newgen Catwalk Space in The Old Selfridges Hotel, London, HARRI’s SS24 collection was nothing short of a spectacle. Titled “CHAPTER THREE: TEXTURE & MOVEMENT,” the collection drew inspiration from renowned sculptors Isamu Noguchi and Peter Shelton.

The designs played with the body’s natural proportions, challenging conventional fashion norms. Models donned inflated bald heads paired with elongated hairpieces, all while draped in voluminous latex outfits. This wasn’t just a fashion show; it was a theatrical performance, with oversized garments moving fluidly, paying homage to the world of fantasy.

A Fresh Perspective on Latex Fashion

HARRI’s collection redefined latex fashion. The outfits, with their exaggerated proportions, were paired with sleek leggings and Vibram Five Fingers shoes. The color palette ranged from vibrant greens to muted greys and blacks, offering a fresh perspective on latex fashion.

The runway show was more than just a display of clothing; it was a narrative, a story that HARRI wanted to tell. Each outfit, each movement, was a chapter in that story, making the audience rethink their perceptions of fashion and art.

The Future of Latex in Fashion

HARRI’s SS24 collection is a testament to the limitless possibilities of latex in fashion. It challenges designers to think outside the box, to push boundaries, and to create something truly unique. With designers like HARRI leading the way, the future of latex fashion looks incredibly promising.