The Cutting-Edge World of Latex Fashion 2023

Amentium‘s Back to Basics: A Seamless Fusion of Style and Versatility

Amentium has unveiled an impressive lineup of over 50 fresh additions to its esteemed collections. The Back to Basics range, as the name suggests, brings to the table essential wardrobe pieces. From sleek jumpsuits to versatile tops, bodysuits, form-fitting leggings, elegant dresses, and beyond. What sets this collection apart is its adaptability. Designed to blend seamlessly with both other latex pieces and conventional attire, it’s a testament to Amentium’s understanding of modern fashion dynamics. Not to mention, the signature laser-cut motifs, especially the captivating plunge jumpsuit in rich plum latex, is a sight to behold.

Avellano: Pushing the Boundaries of Latex Couture

Avellano’s trajectory in the world of latex fashion this year is nothing short of phenomenal. One look at our previous latex round-ups, and Avellano’s distinctive mark is evident. Their Spring Ready to Wear 2024 collection is a game-changer. Incorporating matte latex, intricate textures, and an exquisite palette, some pieces effortlessly blur the line between latex and traditional fabrics. By doing so, Avellano doesn’t just elevate latex fashion; it expands its reach to a broader audience. Explore the full lookbook for a closer look.


FBLD: The Epitome of Elegance and Modernity

Italian finesse meets contemporary fashion in FBLD’s F/W 23 collection. Their offering is an eloquent blend of elegant simplicity. The dominant presence of semi-transparent hues aligns perfectly with the ongoing latex trend, merging the “naked” and “wet look” movements. This harmonious blend was previously seen in the Alaïa and Avellano collections. But FBLD doesn’t stop there. The solid colors, especially the entrancing deep blue, are equally compelling.


With their intriguing “New Latex Monday” releases, Latex Couture has the fashion world eagerly anticipating each week. Their offerings range from timeless essentials, like the versatile little black dress, to majestic full-length gowns. The diversity in styles, whether it’s a v-neck, wide strap, integrated corset, or ruffle-sleeved, underscores the brand’s commitment to catering to every fashion palette. For those venturing into latex fashion for the first time, this collection is a treasure trove.

Maggie Delena: Redefining Versatility in Latex

Maggie Delena’s new “Corvina” custom catsuit encapsulates the brand’s emphasis on modularity and versatility. Designed as a halter neck catsuit with an open bust, it invites wearers to pair it with various bra tops, ensuring a fresh look every time. This modular approach, especially in the premium latex market, is both innovative and economical. Moreover, their recent collection introduces a variety of tops, including a standout bats and pink special print.

@Maggie Delena

Rubber Mommy Latex: Pioneering Print Innovation

Though several designers have dabbled in patterned latex, Rubber Mommy Latex stands out as a trailblazer in this domain. While their official website is in the works, their dynamic presence on Instagram offers a sneak peek into their revolutionary designs. The sheeting, sourced from the renowned Dutch brand latexrepair, is unlike anything seen before in the latex world. Merging contemporary design elements, it captures the essence of current latex trends.

As the world of latex fashion continues to evolve, it’s brands like these that are at the forefront, pushing boundaries, setting trends, and redefining what’s possible. From essential basics to avant-garde designs, the latex fashion industry promises a future filled with innovation, elegance, and unparalleled style.